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I Love Your Game "Di Owner" Very Much And i Wish You But More Senses In Next Realise , And please Release Update as Soon as Possible .

I add more scene in DiOwner 0.3 
And I'll release 0.3 as Soon as Possible .

The game is interesting in your first release and the UI is easy to learn. I played the Mac version and it ran fine without any issues.  My only recommendation is that the dialog and some of the dialog buttons need some proof reading.   

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Thank for your comment.

Good to know, what do you think about Di Owner.

It's mean,  for next version will be better.

Thank you again ^^

Now I edited some dialogue.
I hope it will be Ok.


The latest update was much better. Thanks

I'm thankful for your recommendation.

loved your game   please release update as soon as possible 

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I feel good when I know you like Di Owner. This feeling make me more energy for develop game. ^^

u play as male character or female character

You can play male character only.

is that the swimming pool scene where this game story end ?

Character will telling you, when her's storyline of this version end.

how many character this game have in this version 

This verion just have 2 character.
Next update, I'll add more and improve this game.
Thank you for played my game.

add bdsm and femdom content

Thank for your comment.

I'll add to my plan.